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Women and Girls in Comics/x.

Comix Grrls
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This is the livejournal little sister of ComixGrrls, a mailing list about and for women and girls in comics.... as creators, readers, and characters. This list invites anyone seriously interested in the above issues.

ComixGrrls is the "sequel" to GoodGrrlz, which was overrun by spam.

1) Be considerate
2) If you are posting only to advertise your web comic or other thing, put it behind a descriptive LJ-cut. For example:
<*lj-cut text="A new comic about x, y, and z!">
Blah blah blah!
Just remove the *s to make it work.
3) If you are posting a large, sexy, or disturbing image, put it behind an LJ-cut, too.