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Publishing through Kablam?

Hallo all :)

Like the title says, has anyone had experience printing through KaBlam? I printed a 4 page sample of my comics and they looked great. Only thing is, the pages had a white strip around them. I found out myself reviewing the templates that this was actually the yellow area which they had said to try and leave some über-important stuff out of it...Of course, this could be my fault since I'm a total beginner at publishing through a company.

I'm interested in how you guys worked with setting up pages for print (if you have), especially for artbooks. I'm planning for one in the future and I kinda want to know how exactly to set them up, like for example with double-page spreads. :)

If none of this made sense, that's ok. I haven't slept for about 16 hours yet. xD

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